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The past few years have been especially challenging for school districts. During the COVID-19 pandemic, educators, students, and families had to continually adapt to changing learning conditions. The years of lockdowns, remote and hybrid learning, and masking have taken a toll on the education system. The process of reacclimating students to a traditional school environment has been challenging. It is important that we fully fund Haverhill Public Schools during this ongoing transition so that schools have the staff and resources needed to best support students. 

Ensure schools are properly funded and staffed to provide optimal academic, social-emotional, and behavioral health supports for students

For years, Haverhill Public Schools have been drastically underfunded. Without sufficient funding, it is difficult to properly maintain buildings and hire appropriate school personnel. The challenges brought on by the pandemic have exacerbated pre-existing issues that resulted from chronic underfunding. I will work to make sure our budget priorities align with what is in the best interest of our students. Children spend most of their day in school, and they deserve to be educated in buildings that are safe, secure, and properly maintained. Additionally, we are seeing academic learning gaps and an uptick in mental health and behavioral concerns due to social isolation from the past few years and an increase in social media use. In order for schools to be equipped to address these challenges, it is necessary to budget for additional counselors and behavioral health specialists to support student needs.

Recruit, train, and retain highly qualified educators and invest in relevant professional development opportunities for staff


The people in an organization are the most valuable asset. The city’s public school employees deserve competitive wages, training, and meaningful professional development. Often, teachers will begin their careers in Haverhill schools, only to move on to neighboring districts within a few years for better pay and improved working conditions. High turnover is costly and time consuming for the district. The successful teacher contract negotiations in the fall of 2022 were a good start to make salaries more competitive, but there is still much work to be done to ensure our schools are safe and secure, staff are supported, and students can thrive.

Use data and research-based evidence to inform policy decisions and promote transparency and accountability


The School Committee’s primary function is to regularly review and revise the educational goals and policies of the district and ensure compliance with state laws and regulations. As an experienced educator, I understand the demands of various roles within a school, and I will consider the positions of multiple stakeholders when making decisions that will impact the learning environment. Policies should be thoughtful, strategic, and well researched prior to implementation. Additionally, it is imperative that we continually review the effectiveness and efficiency of policies and programs and adjust based on changing conditions.

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