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November 2, 2023

Letter: I'm backing Story and you should, too

To the editor:

I am writing to voice my support for Jill Story, candidate for Ward 5 Haverhill School Committee.

A resident of Ward 5 for more than two decades, Jill is also a parent of three children and a longtime educator. She has been a volunteer in the community for many years, advocating for increased investment in public schools to improve teaching and learning conditions.

Jill has been a champion of the public schools for as long as I have known her. She believes Haverhill schools can become exceptional, and that the city can become a place that families move to because of the strength of the school system. An experienced educator, Jill knows what is needed to realize that vision. She understands that we need to adequately support school personnel, offer a rigorous curriculum, provide options for students to learn according to their interests and strengths, and partner with families and community members to ensure student success.

Jill has earned a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees, and a doctorate in education. She has the experience, knowledge, and temperament to successfully move Haverhill in the right direction. I am proud to endorse Jill Story for Ward 5 Haverhill School Committee, and I encourage my friends and neighbors to give her their vote Tuesday, Nov. 7.

August 31, 2023

Letter: Choose Morales for Haverhill City Council, Story for School Committee

To the editor:

The choice is simple: Jill Story for Haverhill School Committee and Mike Morales for Haverhill City Council.

Jill has a doctorate from Northeastern University, a master’s degree from Simmons College, and another master’s degree from Salem State University.

She has been a long-term classroom teacher and a department chair. What an opportunity for Haverhill. She is unmatched in ability and qualifications. Haverhill could finally be proud of being represented by someone like that.

In addition she has written a curriculum. Few people serving on school committees know at what age certain information can be assimilated by youngsters, best pedagogical methods to use (if they even know what the word means), and what information is important to know and why. That is Jill’s strength.

August 29, 2022

Baker signs off on ward-based councilors, school reps. for Haverhill

Under the new system, voters will elect 11 councilors — one each to represent the city’s seven voting wards and four at-large councilors who will represent the city as a whole. Currently, nine city councilors are each at-large.

The School Committee also increases to 11 members, one each to represent the city’s seven wards, three at-large members to represent the city as a whole and the mayor serving in the 11th seat. The mayor serves as chair, per the city charter. The bill also reduces school committee terms from four to two years. Those elected to four-year terms last November, however, will complete their current four-year terms.

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